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Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

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Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby RLtd » Mon, 20 Mar 2017 2:48 +0000

Hello all.


I'm helping to organise a Mazda event, at Kirkistown Circuit, Co.Down, on Sunday, 9th of July.
Most of you will be aware of 7's day. A celebration of the RX-7 and other Rotary powered Mazdas.
What began as a Rotary engine celebration in the past, has grown to include all Mazda vehicles. I know quite a few of you have joined us in the past and had a great day.
However, this year is extra special, its the 50th anniversary of the Mazda Cosmo/110S. A car that started Mazda along the road to fun motoring and Zoom-Zoom!

One of the main reasons for the success of the event in the past, is support from Mazda. I'm delighted to announce that this morning, Mazda have once again chosen to support the event.
Event is now Officially Supported by Mazda.

So, what does that mean? Well, prizes, gifts and possibly a few surprises.

We are going to have full access to the track, with names being taken on IrishRotary.com, on a fcfs basis.
Also, show & shine and hopefully drift and gymkhana events also.
Previously we get the party started the day before, meet up for food, some drinks and banter. A great chance to get to know other Mazda fans and just have fun.
Because of the location, we will be organising convoys from all over Ireland and the UK. Mucho Mazda!

So, if your interested in attending, add your name below.

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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby sidewaysreilly » Mon, 20 Mar 2017 6:45 +0000

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2.Sean R.
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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby leamyj » Wed, 22 Mar 2017 7:30 +0000

Possibility only, will confirm at a later date!! Camping @ track??

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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby Steve » Wed, 22 Mar 2017 4:18 +0000

cool, same as John, too far out to commit just yet but v.interested ;-)
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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby Merlot man » Fri, 24 Mar 2017 6:44 +0000

At the minute I'm there man sounds like a great few days
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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby jpo » Mon, 24 Apr 2017 10:45 +0000

I'll be there - my name's already down on IrishRotary.
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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby Real Rayzor » Fri, 28 Apr 2017 11:07 +0000

Maybe just a Maybe... I never go to these events. I think it's time I started..

Good lord.... I just searched Kirkistown on google maps. 4hrs 45 mins.
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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby jpo » Wed, 17 May 2017 8:35 +0000

Random update of information on this (yes, it's a copy + paste job! :P ) from the main organiser:

So this year marks the 50th year anniversary of the first Rotary powered Mazda ..the Cosmos, so that got me thinking:mellow: what better way to celebrate the engine we have come to know and love than A TRACK DAY!!!

I've been on to Kirkistown Race Track up in Co. Down regarding the event and Richard who i was speaking to seemed more than willing to host the event, he says its been quite a few years since he has seen a rotary up there, so i asked about dates, he has the 09/07/17 free! which is the Sunday and i think the day that suits everyone best. I know the general consensus was a nice scenic drive then park up and take a few pics....but bare in mind, its in Co. Down, it will be a scenic drive up for most of us and im sure a couple of pitstops can be arranged on the route! The track itself is quite big and has a fairly big paddock area so with an open space like that the cars could be categorically organised by their model and spread out so the perfect opportunity for pics!

Now considering the milestone we have been on to Mazda Ireland and the word back is that they would be delighted to get involved, seeing as they will be there and Mazda isn't just rotary we are trying to get all Mazda clubs like on board or in fact any Mazda at all, the mx5 guys, the MPS guys and basically have like a Mazda appreciation day, which will hopefully get the numbers up as well.

The only drawbacks on the day is that the track has a noise restriction curfew, so track time cannot commence until 12pm on the Sunday, and sadly he said "no drifting" now i did say "but mister all our cars are rwd!!" and his reply was simply that there is to be no purposely initiated drifting and that correcting over-steer is OK to a certain degree, then obviously helmets(if you're going on track) are a necessity for driver and passenger , they have a chief marshal that will be there to give a driver briefing too.

So that is all i have for the minute, i might look into asking a few places for possible sponsorship to help out with track costs but , id like to try gauge a attendance numbers before i start begging LOL :lol: anyway im giving everybody LOADS of time to sort time off , or get cars ready etc... it even gives me enough time to actually book a Sunday off work haha and it also gives me motivation to start fixing up Rita and giving her , her new 2017 look!

I suppose ill start, so just pop your name on the list and if you fancy going on track put track in brackets beside your name, as soon as i know the figures i shall let everyone know

Howdy folks!! LITTLE UPDATE

Good news has been bestowed upon us! Mazda Ireland have agreed to sponsor the event and allocate some funding towards the day!! this means it has brought the cost down for those looking to go out on track down by a far bit, the details are as follows....

Start time on the day is 10:00am - this is just so we can get everyone in and parked accordingly before the track time starts, this is a brief format of the day itself

10:00am -11:00am ...All Cars to arrive and get organized , we are hoping to have the paddock sectioned into model specific areas

11:00am - 12:00pm ... Position cars using the track within easy access of the track

12:00pm - 2:00pm ... Cars will be on track in intervals depending on numbers and rotating the groups in succession equally either every 10 laps or every 10 minutes, this is just so everyone gets a good amount of seat time

2:00pm - 2:45pm ...All Cars to come in from track for lunch and for the photographers to get a chance to get some static shots of the cars

2:45pm - 4:30pm ...Cars back on track.

4:30pm - 5:00pm ... Short Awards ceremony

5:00pm - 6:00pm ...Last hour of track action if anyone wants it or a chance for everyone to wrap up, change wheels/brake pads etc...

There is 50 track-time spots available

Drivers looking to go out on track = €50 for the day

Show & shine cars = FREE ENTRY

Spectators = FREE ENTRY

The obligations for drivers on the day....

* A helmet (also if you are taking a passenger out they too must have a helmet)
* Decent tires
* Relatively new brakes
* Roll cage is a bonus but as i was told by the track not necessary

At this time anyone that i have down on the list for track time has there place (which at present is 32ish) , but i am setting a three week deadline for payments from today up until the 26/05/17.

Payment will be made through PayPal as its the handiest way to do it. Anyone who is on the list and down for track PM me and i will give you the address to send your payment to. When your making the payment , just put in the "add note" section your full name + your username on the forum if you have one.

Also we are still looking for a few trade stands if anyone knows of anyone that would like to set up a stand, there will be no cost of entry for any traders , car care products, maybe a tire fitter just in case, accessories stand etc... anything that might be relevant

There will be prizes on the day for

Best Built Mazda
Cleanest(standard) Mazda
Loudest Mazda
and as requested by Dara

Most Spectacular Engine(and/or gearbox) failure

The paddock will be divided into 4 areas
Rx7 corner
Rx8 corner
mx5 corner
classic/other corner

so there will also prizes for the best overall car in each of those areas. There will also be FREE T shirts available to commemorate the day, so to get an idea of numbers attending pop your name on the list so we dont run short

Anyway thats all the new information i have at this time so ill tag anyone that is down for track and if you could just send me a pm whenever you would like to make a payment that would be awesome, also if your not tagged on this list its because your name wouldn't come up to tag so just tag them if you know them, comment below or send me a private message, still a good few places left for track so spread to word...sadly the only requirement is... being the year that's in it, is for all cars to be of Mazda Orientation to get on track and to park in the paddock.

Any questions feel free to ask. (RLtd or myself)
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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby brows » Sat, 27 May 2017 8:06 +0000

Going to try make it to this.
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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby leamyj » Fri, 02 Jun 2017 1:13 +0000

Hoping to get there, but my 5 is not road legal..so the support vehicle shall have to suffice!!
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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby jpo » Mon, 12 Jun 2017 9:55 +0000

All track slots have been filled & waiting list is being compiled. :)

I'm surprised there's not more interest in this from here given it's going to be one massive Mazda event with all the sports cars etc represented! 8) 8) My rotary NC will be on track on the day all going well too. :twisted:
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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby Billium94 » Mon, 12 Jun 2017 11:09 +0000

We're hoping to have 2 cars up at this
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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby Scotsman » Mon, 26 Jun 2017 11:38 +0000

Weather dependent hope to go.
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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby Paschal » Sat, 01 Jul 2017 4:45 +0000

Could be interested in this. Any more interest? These guys put a lot of work in organising these events so they deserve our support.

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Re: Mazda Celebration, 9th July, Kirkistown

Postby MMichael » Tue, 04 Jul 2017 8:31 +0000

Sun 9th. July
Sounds very good.
Should make it
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