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How best to bring up BRG paint

Need help or advice fitting or fixing something
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How best to bring up BRG paint

Postby Eunoserious » Fri, 14 Oct 2016 7:47 +0000

Recently got myself a claybar on amazon and went over the whole car which gave it a very nice smooth clean feel to the touch. I have a machine polisher (Aldi's finest) which has worked wonders in the past on various cars I've had when combined with Super resin polish. Everything from metallic paint on several 3 series' to solid paint on an old Mini really came up great.
Can't say the same for the end result on the MX though. Even after a thorough going over and final wax applied, it's still pretty dull and theres alot of swirls/spiderwebs visible. Seems like I possibly need to go down the road of compounding before polish and have been advised that the best way to resolve it would be a rotary polisher (not necessarily in my hands!) From abit of research all NA's used single stage solid colours? So Im abit apprehensive of going in there with a weapon of a polisher and some harsh products.
Any advice on getting good results on this type of paint would be really appreciated.

Will stick up some picks of offending paint soon.
1991 V-Spec Eunos

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