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Fix for slow wipers

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Fix for slow wipers

Postby Pops » Wed, 23 Nov 2016 9:49 +0000

My wipers have been very slow, so thinking it might be the motor or the alternator causing the problem I went online to see if there might be something else. Did find a couple of posts about the spindles . So being cheaper to check them first, I took out the linkages and the driver side was tight to turn and the passengers side even worse. A few pics. the wire ring can be prised off , put the nut back flush on the spindle & tap it out with a hammer to find a very rusty spindle which tightens up in its plastic cover. Some time with sandpaper and grease , fit everything back together and now have a free wiper spindle. Hopefully this will solve the slow wipers
The wire ring went out of shape while being removed but it isn't a snap ring so I just reshape it before putting it back
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