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Mk4,ND Check Engine Light P2610 (no actual fault)

PostPosted: Wed, 29 Apr 2020 8:53 +0000
by TOM 5252
After spending a couple of days trying get my infotainment screen and my reversing camera to play nicely together.

I drove off the next morning on a shopping trip and after 500 metres or so I noticed the Check Engine
Light was showing. I returned home and connected my OBD2 reader that I had bought when the van
was acting up. There was one code listed, P2610, I searched the internet and found lots of scary
sounding reports like this,
"P2610, it tells me that a malfunction has occurred, in the engine control module (ECM) or powertrain
control module (PCM), concerning an inability to determine whether or not the engine has been shut off"

I was thinking of opening up the dash area and checking for any plug or wire I might have dislodged, or
even to undo the work of fitting the camera cable, to avoid any questions over warranty cover.
Instead I kept searching on US and UK mx5 forums and finally found one post that said that
""this code can be triggered if the car is left in ACC mode for an overly long time.""

I had a battery charger connected to keep the battery from running low while I was trying different
settings for the camera as mentioned in the link above, this might have confused one of the control
modules. Anyway I cleared the fault and set off again to the shops. A week later and after another
shopping run, the light has never returned.

Re: Mk4,ND Check Engine Light P2610 (no actual fault)

PostPosted: Mon, 18 May 2020 8:58 +0000
by Steve