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Emissions NCT pre 95 Jap Import

Postby AndyJF » Sat, 12 Apr 2014 7:52 +0000

Been doing a bit of research on this and it may be possible to get a pre 95 jap import through the NCT without a cat.
If you can prove the car is an import they have to test it to the same emissions test that it would have in japan. If its pre 95 in japan its like our pre 94 in ireland, but in 95 and after japan tests are more stringent than irish.

Haven't tried this with the local test center yet.
Can anyone comfirm this?

Source : http://isdc.ie/discussion/index.php?topic=19742.0

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Re: Emissions NCT pre 95 Jap Import

Postby sidewaysreilly » Wed, 27 Apr 2016 11:35 +0000

94 jdm had a cat and the stricter emissions lad.
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