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Failed NCT emissions

Postby notch000 » Tue, 01 Jul 2014 8:34 +0000

Hi fail test

Results as follows

low idle -- pass
co 0.44% spec fail >.50% Pass
HC 125PPM Spec >200 Pass

High Idle--fail
Lamabda 1.18 spec0.97 & 1.03 Fail
C0 0.57 %%Vol spec <0.30 % Fail
HC 56 PPM - spec<200ppm Pass

NCT guy said it was close and gave it a few runs but coudent get it lower, sound lad. let me off with a screw drived holding up window & load of other small bits. but anyways can anyone analysis those figures ?? I had coild pack awhile ago and the car ran shitty for a few miles one day. Exhaust/cat sound a bit ratty since ?? Exhaust is also blowing a bit. No engine light on and car runs fine besides, serviced 4k miles ago. Cars is a 99, 1.8.

New cat time ?? Anything else i need ?? saw cats from 60E on euro car parts
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Re: Failed NCT emissions

Postby MX5Spares » Tue, 01 Jul 2014 10:02 +0000

If the exhaust is leaking the emissions will be incorrect ,apart from anything else.We have good used cats if you need one as some Ebay type cats have almost no internals and only last about max 1 year.Customers of mine and also in Uk have tried them but cheap cats are crap.Also they usually need to be welded in so that costs money also as they are universal and not specific for mx5 .086 8226506. We have good used exhausts also depending on model etc. Its usually the bend just before the rear box that goes first but check it out for holes etc
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Re: Failed NCT emissions

Postby AndyJF » Wed, 02 Jul 2014 12:50 +0000

As Robert said fix the blowing exhaust. Had same problem on a punto a few years back and it was the blowing exhaust. Passed straight away when I fixed it.

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Re: Failed NCT emissions

Postby sidewaysreilly » Wed, 27 Apr 2016 11:29 +0000

Lambda reading a very lean mixture. Get exhaust sorted. Where is it leaking, before or after cat ?
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Re: Failed NCT emissions

Postby notch000 » Mon, 09 May 2016 12:04 +0000

thanks for your swift reply ! il get it looked at first thing :)
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