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Induction kit

Postby notch000 » Mon, 04 Aug 2014 12:56 +0000

looking for some induction roar for mk2 1.8, looking for noise and not necessarily power (i know all about engine bay heat wtc) options are

K&N panel
pipercross panel
+drilled air box ??? & cold feed/Cowl mod

K&n 57i cone ( had one on my 306 gti & sounded sweet)
Pipercross cone
K&N typhoon, bit pricy at 225E +++
Japspeed short ram something
Cheap generic ??

Running standard exhaust & cat otherwise, What do people think ?????
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Re: Induction kit

Postby emarkey » Wed, 18 Mar 2015 12:57 +0000

From what i've seen the typhoon is the best but the price is ridiculous. I have slapped on a length of 3" SS and the cheapest cone filter I could find on a sunday and it just sounds class. Quite loud. much louder and the standard exhaust. Ill try upload a pic later. I recently had my auto changed to a manual but when it was auto, it actually sounded like a V8.
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