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Leak, between roof/front/side windows.

Leaking roofs and window seals, blocked channels, and cracked rain rails.
If there's water getting in, look here.
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Re: Leak, between roof/front/side windows.

Postby Paschal » Sun, 11 Oct 2009 10:48 +0000

shadowhearth wrote:it actually does come out from the seals under the roof. But i just cant understand how it gets there.

If i open a seal a bit all water just stuck in there and poors out...

Some people said that changing those seals wount help at all... Thought i will look in to it now... As its burts out when we have really heavy irish rain...

Have the same problem myself, but have not had a chance to investigate, will have a look and if i find anything, I will report!

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Re: Leak, between roof/front/side windows.

Postby shadowhearth » Tue, 13 Oct 2009 10:57 +0000

do m8.

I just dont understand how does it get in there. Roof does not look to be in very bad shape... Id does accures only when you have really really bad rains...

Just give me a shout when you find anything interesting!

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