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Time for a retune.

For discussion of forced induction issues and the rest of the Muuuhahahaha's
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Time for a retune.

Postby Steve » Thu, 01 Dec 2011 8:41 +0000

I've had intermittent electrical problems since May, it led to some interesting moments (like, when going on the Spain trip, cutting out a few times on the way to the ferry and struggling to keep the car running long enough to get off the ferry at the other end!)
After a bit of ECU soldering I think I have them sorted now though. I've not had a reoccurance since the last Galway run so now the air has turned cold and I've fitted a wideband O2 sensor, its time to retune my turbo's fuel and ignition maps :-) I'm hoping all the changes in the last year or so will bring full boost earlier with a larger torque curve.
I've reset to the (v.rich + conservative timing) default map, tuned it so it would drive ok out of boost and played about with some of the in-boost fuel map (see below).

Original setup (GReddy manifold, turbo, 10psi and Saab 370cc injectors)

Running the tune for the old setup with the new hardware (so, way out) gave this result :

New base map default settings gave this smoother graph with a bit of wavering about near end, this was due to way too much fuel at the top end.

New base map run 2, lots of fuel pulled from the top end (its still v.rich), bit smoother, but torque still dropping way off and early, but happy with how the power is going ;-) . Haven't started playing with the ignition map yet.

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Re: Time for a retune.

Postby hillymx » Wed, 28 Dec 2011 6:27 +0000

wow Steve ....wish I had the know how............ brill stuff
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Re: Time for a retune.

Postby rhysmate » Fri, 23 Mar 2012 2:39 +0000

what dyno did you run these on
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Re: Re: Time for a retune.

Postby Steve » Fri, 23 Mar 2012 4:01 +0000

rhysmate wrote:what dyno did you run these on

These were logged using DataLinkLab + link ecu, same stretch of road each time. have logged during an actual dyno run in westward engineering, result was the same so its fairly accurate.

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