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MK4,,ND To find 12v wire feed to reversing light

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MK4,,ND To find 12v wire feed to reversing light

Postby TOM 5252 » Sun, 15 Oct 2017 9:10 +0000

I thought I should copy this report to somewhere it would be more easily found by anyone looking for answers

I set about wiring my reversing camera, in to my new MK4
I made an apparently new discovery, (new to the internet anyway)
. The reversing light bulb holder is very easy to access, the wires are blue and black, a volt meter confirms that the blue is +12v.
There is one blue wire in the section of the loom in the boot that runs down through a grommet to the light. So of course I tapped in to this blue wire and got nothing,- no volts.
I then got under the car and followed the run of the blue and black pair. There is a plug and socket connector clipped to the side of the light.
The Blue wire enters the connector plug and comes out the other side Red, the black wire also changes colour at the connector ! There are three red wires in the loom in the boot and the second one I tested was the one I needed.
After I had discovered that the blue wire didn't work, I went searching on the web. I found a post on the UK MX5 Forum by someone in the same situation asking for help, he got no answers and ended up soldering a wire to the blue one down at the bulb, - not the preferred place for a joint-.

Hope this helps some people when the ND becomes more common
TOM 5252

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Re: MK4,,ND To find 12v wire feed to reversing light

Postby Steve » Wed, 18 Oct 2017 1:48 +0000

thanks Tom
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