How to : Coil pack replacement

By Stephen Rigley


I’ve been getting some odd misfires (in and out of boost) plus lots of lumpiness on cold mornings. I discovered the coil was arching so decided to replace rather than rebuild (but will prob rebuild for “spare” use).

Tools needed:

Needle nose pliers

12mm wrench

12mm ratchet/socket

Optional : file, hacksaw, beer


New Coil pack


1)      Disconnect coil pack connector from the wiring harness, its just to the left of the coil pack.

2)      Undo the 2 x 12mm bolts holding the coil pack to the head/cam cover.

3)      Look in around behind and below the coilpack for the 3rd bolt. (see pic) Its a PITA to get to unless you’ve a very small socket or hands like a very small child. I couldn’t find any children to borrow so used a 12mm spanner and got it out eventually.

1)      To avoid this painful issue in the future, cut out a slot in the bottom of the new coilpack, put the bolt in first, then slot the coilpack down onto it and just tighten.


2)      Replace the 2 x 12mm bolts removed earlier.. connect up the connector and you are done.